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As a Traveler, how do I view my Forms?

As a Traveler, your administrators may require that you fill out some forms as part of your enrollment process. You will see an indication of the number of forms you need to fill out by clicking My Programs and looking at the program card. You can also view forms by clicking on the program card and looking under the Forms header on the program specific page pictured below.

Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 9.34.22 PM

To view your form/s...

1. Login to Via

2. Click the desired program in My Programs (If necessary, selected to show Upcoming to ensure you're looking at future applications)

3. Click View Details on the desired program 

4. Scroll to the My Forms section

5. Click View/Edit or the Form Name to open the Form

6. Edit as desired - remember to Save

7. When ready click Submit

Forms are only editable by Travelers in the Not Started or Started status. Forms in the Submitted and Accepted statuses are not editable by Travelers.