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As a Traveler, how do I defer my application?

As a Traveler, deferring your application is a very simple process AS LONG AS YOUR HOME CAMPUS allows Travelers to defer. If you do not see the Defer button in your views, reach out to your home campus to inquire.

Not all campuses allow Travelers to defer applications. If you do not see a Defer link, reach out to your home campus study abroad office and/or your program contact.

To defer your application...

1. Login to Via

2. Click Profile in the main navigation menu

3. Click My Programs

4. Click Upcoming to ensure you're looking at future applications

5. Click View Details on the desired program 

6. Click the Defer link located under the program photo and term dates on the left side of your screen

7. Check one or more deferral reasons - or add your own by clicking 'Other' and typing in a custom reason

8. Click Defer Application


Once an application is deferred, Travelers can no longer submit the application. If you've deferred your application in error, reach out to your home campus to change the application status.


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