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As a Traveler, how do I complete Intake and Program Match?

As a Traveler in Via, your organization may provide the option to answer intake and/or program questions upon first login. These 2 separate experiences give you, the Traveler, the opportunity to share demographic and psychographic information, as well as feedback about the types of programs you are considering.

In Intake, you can share why you are interested in a global opportunity, what you're concerned about, as well as some basic personal information that will help your advisors guide you toward the best opportunity for you.

In Program Match, Travelers get specific about their program interests, including what you want to study, when you want to go, where you'd like to go, and several other key factors. These inputs will help the Traveler with decision making and will help advisors provide counsel on what will work best.

The video below outlines the experience from the Traveler perspective.