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As a Traveler, how do I Commit to a program?

Once a Traveler is ready, a step in the enrollment process may be to Commit to a program. Yay! Get those suitcases ready... 🧳

Travelers can Commit to a program on their own only when their application status is Accepted. 

If an Admin at your home campus is directing you to Commit to a program and your Application is NOT in Accepted status, reach out to your study abroad office for next steps.

To Commit to a Program as a Traveler...

1. Login to Via

2. Click the desired program in My Programs (If necessary, selected to show Upcoming to ensure you're looking at future applications) 

5. Click View Details on the desired program 

6. Accepted Applications will have a green bar at the top of the Application that says

"Congratulations, you've been accepted! Next step: Commit to this program. Select 'Commit' to confirm you're going."

7. Click Commit

8. You will see a pop up box - click Commit to confirm

9. You will see a Success message - click Okay to proceed

10. Given your Admin/s have added additional forms to complete, you will see those forms on the page (Right after you see confetti to celebrate - woot woot!)